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Titanic’s Deleted Scene Will Make Your Heart More Broken

Posted 2017/11/18950

Who can know 20 years after the release of the legendary movie, people can still cry that much.

Titanic is one of those films that no matter how many times you watch it, you’ll still cry like a baby. If it doesn’t sound like you, brace yourself. A deleted scene of James Cameron’s Titanic, uncovered for the first time on Tuesday, will have even the steeliest viewers reaching for the tissues. The scene shows a shock-affected Rose being brought to the safety of the Carpathia after being saved from the water. It also shows Ioan Gruffudd further cementing public perception of him as a bloody nice guy for his role as the one officer who turned back a lifeboat to save survivors. It’s raw, it explores the sadness among survivors and it includes more of that ethereal singing and flute goodness that speaks to our souls.

Viewers of the deleted scene, which has cropped up on YouTube, are understandably disappointed that it was axed.

One said: “Such a shame this was cut… The Carpathia really deserved more screen time.”

And another added: “They should have added this scene. Poor Ismay with those poor survivors looking at him with disgust.”

Another fan chipped in to ask: “Why was this cut? The scenes of Rose numb with grief is a perfect closure to Jack dying.”

Titanic was epic in plenty of ways: at the time of release in December of 1997, it was the most expensive movie ever made, with director James Cameron going to insane lengths to make it possible, allowing the budget to balloon up to $200 million.

The shoot overran by a month, plenty of the cast got sick because of hours spent in a specially-constructed tank of freezing water and someone got so annoyed at Cameron that they spiked the crew’s soup with PCP and sent 50 people (including Bill Paxton) to hospital. The result was a film that won 11 Oscars and made more money than any other in history, a record that would hold for 12 years until surpassed by Cameron again with Avatar in 2010.